आप्त (AAPT) means Trustworthy
Building Materials Division


Granite is one of the oldest, durable and most respected building material. Traditionally, it is the material chosen by both architects and engineers when performance, enduring colour and texture, and complete freedom from deterioration and maintenance are prime requirements.

Located in the southern part of India which is famous for its granite quarries, AAPT is one of the largest processors and suppliers of Granite slabs & Rough Blocks to customers across Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. Our slabs come in various finishes including sawn finish, polished, honed, flamed and satin finish. We work closely with end customers like counter fabricators, monument fabricators, architects, builders and projects contractors and assist in selecting products for specific needs.

We specialise in the following product categories:

Black Granites:

Our main processing unit is located in Pondichery which is in the proximity of the world famous Kunnam Quarry (Absolute Black). We process major black varieties including Supreme Black, Premium Black, Absolute Black, Super Black, Bengal, Black and Regal Black.

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Monument Slabs:

A major product for the European market, we process slabs of 3cm, 5cm, 6cm, 7cm and 8 cm in Orion Blue, Paradiso, Verde marina, Steel grey, Nero Impala, Bengal Black, Multi colour, and Viscon white. We also offer these colors as Granite Blocks which are used for making tomb stones.

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Launched to complement our Granite processing capabilities, the main category of Tools sold under our brand names “FORCE” include:

  • a) Diamond Tools – used mainly in the stone processing industries to cut hard granite stones
  • b) Silver welded blades - for Higher performance. These ensure that segments can be brazed again and reused
  • c) Diamond Saw, laser welded from 150mm - 850mm
  • d) Diamond Segments for diameter 300mm - 3500mm
  • d) Segments

Our tools are designed for fast cutting & cutting hard colour Granites.

Our diamond segments for large circular saw blades are manufactured in sandwich design. This provides good cooling and easy flush away of the chippings.

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Our range of Ceramics are sold under the brand name Our own brand and covers a range of vitrified floor tiles, Digital and other speciality tiles.

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