आप्त (AAPT) means Trustworthy
Textiles Division

Being a part of a larger group which manufactures apparel for quality sensitive luxury brands, our commitment starts with understanding the exact customer requirements, raw material selection and stringent tests at every stage of production. In 100% cotton hosiery yarns, our product range is in quality counts of 20s to 60s.


To maintain consistent quality, raw material used is Shankar – 6 (contamination controlled) cotton from modernized ginning factories in Gujarat.

Country Cotton(Type) Length(mm) Fineness (micronaire) Strength (gm/tex)
India Shankar 6 28-30 3.7-4.5 23-27

Cotton is also screened through contamination scanners with Poly Propylene sensors. The Blow room machines are connected to automatic waste evacuation system with, safety systems like metal detectors, fire alarm and fire diversion.

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Machinery includes Truetzschler TC5/3 carding machines, with long/ short term Auto Levellers for better CV percentage. All Carding machines are connected to continuous waste evacuation system for removal of seed fragments & and micro dust.

Rieter Unilap and Rieter Combers E60 ensure short fibre removal, nep removal and to maintain consistent quality.

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Facilities include LR9 AX Ring Frames with Auto Doffer where TPI can be changed electronically.

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Autoconer Schlafhorst with Uster Quantum 3 yarn clearer ensures foreign fibre removal.

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Yarn Conditioning:

Yarn conditioning machines ensures better yarn elongation, weaving and knitting performance and a softer fabric feel.

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